About our annual Triathlon:

Our biggest event by far is our annual triathlon. We are USA Triathlon-certified and winner Endurance Magazine’s award for the Best Kid’s Race in North Carolina.

The 6th Annual Swim for Smiles Youth Triathlon was held May 6, 2012. The 7th Annual Swim for Smiles Youth Triathlon will be held September 8, 2013. The Swim for Smiles Youth Triathlon is open to kids ages 5-19. There are two courses: one being a longer distance course, and the other a shorter distance course.

We also allow a limited number of relay teams to compete. These teams can be made up of kids of any and all ages.

It’s not unusual for our triathlon to draw at least 500 kids — sometimes more! The 2011 event drew over 800 participants making it the largest kid’s triathlon in the USA!

Course specifications are listed below:

Beginners course:

    • 100-meter swim
    • 2.5-mile bike course
    • 1k(.6 mile) run

Advanced Course:

    • 300-meter swim
    • 5-mile bike course
    • 3k (1.8 mile) run

Every finisher recieves a medal and the top three finishers of each age group will receive prizes.